Yucca Cane

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The Yucca Cane is a tough and hardy evergreen that is native to hot and dry parts of the Americas and the Caribbean. Due to these harsh environments in which they grow, Yuccas have adapted ways to store water and moisture to survive long periods of drought. They have thick waxy skin to prevent loss of water through evaporation, store water in their thick roots, and can also store water in their thick sword-shapes leaves. This makes caring for this plant quite easy as it requires very infrequent watering! Fun Fact: Yuccas are said to be "fire adapted" because they grow and spread vigorously after wildfires.

Care Tips: Water infrequently (about once every 1.5 - 2 weeks depending on how fast or slow the soil dries out in your home environment). A good rule of thumb for this plant is to water only when the top half of the soil is completely dry. Make sure all excess water is properly drained as water-logged pots and extended time periods of wet soil will cause root rot. Provide ample sunlight - Yuccas love bright light! That being said, they can survive in lower light conditions as well, but will grow slower and the leaves wont grow as compactly.

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