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The Tropical House Plant Bundle


Did you know that active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress? Get your hands on The Tropical House Plant Bundle, our most popular bundle yet, and bust that stress, clean that air and be the best version of you that you can possibly be!

The tropical house plants in this bundle come in 4-5" plastic nursery pots which can then be transferred to your choice of living walls, decorative planters, terrariums, etc. All sizes are measured by pot size (not plant size). 

Product details:

Each bundle is handpicked so you can be sure that you'll be getting the most unique collection possible.

• Each bundle includes 5 plants
• Each plant comes in a standard plastic nursery pot
• Pot size 4"-5"
• The variety received is based on the availability of our beautiful selection at the time of order fulfillment
*Please note that due to the popularity of our bundles, we reserve the majority of our stock in order to fulfill them. Individual product stock online does not reflect what is available for bundle fulfillment!

Some examples of the species of plants that can come in a Tropical House Plant Bundle are: Golden Pothos, Marble Queen Pothos, Neon Pothos, Pothos "Pearls & Jade" Philodendron, Dracaena Cintho, Dracaena Fragrans, Peace Lily, Boston Fern, Staghorn Fern, Rabbits Foot Fern, Heartleaf Fern, Lemon Button Fern, Curly Fern, Maidens Hair Fern, Pilea, Oyster Plant, Umbrella Plant, Snake Plant, Peperomia Obtusifolia, Peperomia Hope, Peperomia Happy Bean, Peperomia Ruby Glow, Peperomia Ripple, Spider Plant, Hoya, Parlour Palm, Prayer Plant, Tradescantia, Spider Plant, Ardisia, Aralia, Coffee Plant, Ivy, Alocasia Polly, Croton Petra, Croton Gold Dust, Ficus, Sugar Vine, Rubber Plant, etc.