Tillandsia Schiedeana

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Tillandsia Schiedeana is a unique air plant, native to the Americas and parts of the Caribbean. This air plant is both epiphytic (found growing on trees) and saxicoline (found growing on rocks). When in bloom, Tillandsia Schiedeana produces red and yellow flowers.


Fun fact: This species of air plant has been found growing on cacti!


Care tips: This species of air plant prefer full sun, or partial shade. Water by soaking twice a week in the warmer months, once a week in winter. Enjoys humidity to misting between waterings would be beneficial.


Size: 2.5 - 3.5 inches in height


Learn more on how to take care of your Tillandsia Schiedeana in our article “How to Care for Air Plants”. 


** Please note: Air Plants vary in size and colour and therefore may not be exactly as shown. Plants may not be currently in bloom upon arrival.


Plant Care:


Partial shade




Zone 11a (4.4 °C)

Mature Size

5″ (12 cm)

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