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String of Dolphins

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Senecio Peregrinus a.k.a String of Dolphins or Dolphin plant is truly an interesting plant. It's pretty easy to see right away how it earned its nickname - it's uniquely shaped leaves look like joyful dolphins jumping out of the water! This trailing succulent plant can grow over 2 feet in length making it the perfect plant for a hanging basket or planter.

Fun Fact

Like other Senecio species, when in bloom the String of Bananas produces dainty white flowers that smell of cinnamon!


Small: 1.5 - 2.5"
Large: 3 - 4"
Jumbo: 4.5"+


Every plant is unique and therefore may not be exactly as shown. Succulents vary in size and colour and may be in stages of flowering upon arrival.

Succulents may be shipped bare root.

  • 14 Day Happiness Guarantee

    14 Day Happiness Guarantee

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    Free Shipping Over $100

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    Extra Care in the Winter

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    Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

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