Pinstripe Plant (Calathea Ornata)

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This Calathea is a true stunner!  The plants in the Calathea family are also known to as "Prayer Plants" due to the way the leaves fold upwards at night. Calathea Ornata is known for its bold foliage - deep and dark green leaves which really help accentuate the pink stripes. Its leaves have a natural gloss to them, and their undersides are colored a gorgeous deep purple-red, making this a true statement plant. Calathea Ornata loves bright but indirect sunlight, ample humidity, and prefers its soil on the moist side. We highly recommend a Mister Spray Bottle for this plant!

*Comes in a standard plastic nursery pot. Decorative planter not included  - for display purposes only. Displayed in our Cercle Pot.

Plant Care:


Partial shade


Above avg.


Zone 11a (4.4 °C)

Mature Size

24″ (61 cm)

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