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These pots feature a modern and minimal design and come in a selection of muted colour tones. The perfect subtle and soft accent to your home decor!




Mini: 3.25"x2.75"
Small: 4.75"x4.75"
Medium: 7"x 6.67"
Large: 8.5"x9"
X Large: 10.75"x10"


Plants are for display purposes only and are sold separately.

Cachepot only - no drainage hole.

House Plants: Each plant is shipped in its plastic nursery pot and is individually wrapped to protect foliage. Wood excelsior is used to help keep the soil in place during transit.

Succulents: Each succulent is shipped in its plastic nursery pot and is individually wrapped to protect delicate foliage. Wood excelsior is used to help keep the soil in place during transit. Some succulents may ship bare root.

Air Plants: Air plants are shipped safely nestled in wood excelsior for cushioning and protection during transit.

Pots & Accessories: Each piece is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap to help protect from damage during transit.

Winter Shipping: During colder months, every order will come with complimentary heat packs to keep plants warm and toasty on their journey. We will only send out plants Mondays through Wednesdays to avoid the possibility delivery delays over the weekend. We will use our discretion and hold packages for dispatch if your area is predicted to experience severe cold weather at the time or order fulfillment.


For more information about shipping, including shipping rates, please visit our Shipping & Returns page.

I'm new to plants, do you have a guide somewhere to help get me started?
We do! You can find all of our guides and more on our blog. If you still require further assistance, email us with your question(s) and one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents will be more than happy to assist you.

What should I do with my plants once I receive them?
Unwrap the plants as soon as you can and remove any wood excelsior shreds to allow the soil to breathe (we use wood excelsior to keep soil in place during shipping). If the soil has dried out completely during transit, you can give the plant a sip of water. Air plants can be soaked upon arrival. Allow all plants some time to acclimate to your home environment.

Do I need to repot my new plants?
Although many growers consider repotting all their new plants a part of their practice, it isn't necessarily required. For the most part, succulents can stay growing in their nursery pots for a year or even two before needing to be repot because they are slow growers and have smaller root systems. House plants grow at a faster rate and may need to be repot shortly after you receive them. Keep in mind that most plants prefer to be root bound so our recommendation is that you should definitely repot your plants whenever their roots are growing out the top of the soil or through the drainage holes at the bottom. For more information on plant repotting, visit our guide Repotting House Plants - How and When to Do It.

When will a particular product be restocked?
We pull in new plants and restock weekly, however what is received will depend on availability, seasonality, etc. The best way to find out what's back or new in stock is to follow us on Instagram @plantcollective.co, or, if you are eyeing a particular product, you can sign up on the product page to be notified by email as soon it is back in stock!

What happens if my order is damaged while in transit?
It is common to lose a leaf or two during transit, however, sometimes the courier is a little too rough on handling or mother nature decides to interfere. Not to worry! We offer Plant Collective Shipping Insurance that covers any lost, damaged, or stolen product.


Should there be any issues with your order, please email us with photos of affected items as well as the packaging within 24 hours of receiving your order to hello@plantcollective.co

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