Hoya Krimson Princess

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Hoya Krimson Princess


This pretty Hoya is one of the many variegated cultivars of the classic Hoya Carnosa. When a new leaf is growing it may present itself as a lovely shade of pink before settling into its true color (creamy yellow). The newer vines of this plant grow in a deep shade of crimson hence it's name! When in bloom, Hoya Krimson Princess produces clusters of sweetly scented flowers that are fuzzy and star-shaped!


Fun fact: Hoyas are in the same family as milkweeds. Grow outside in summer and their blooms will attract butterflies and other pollinators!


Care Tips: Provide bright, indirect sunlight. Water about once a week or whenever the top few inches of soil are dry. Plant in soil that has good drainage.


Size: Plant come in 5 inch standard plastic nursery pot

Plant Care:


Partial Shade




Zone 9a (−6.7 °C)

Mature Size

15″ (38 cm)

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