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DIY Succulent Terrarium Kit - Cube - Plant Collective

DIY Succulent Terrarium Kit - Cube

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The Cube Terrarium is perfect for those looking for a standalone piece or something to accompany existing decor. It's clean, edgy look makes it versatile enough to fit many different tastes.

Kit Details

Size: approximately 6.5" x 4.25" x 7"

Included in kit:
• 1 Assorted Succulent
• Top Dressing (can also be used at base for drainage)
• Succulent Soil Mix
• Decorative Moss
• 1 Tower Terrarium

Build Instructions

1) Add a layer of Succulent Soil to the base of the Terrarium (about an inch thick). Optional: You can also lightly line the base with rocks before adding the soil.
2) Prepare the succulent for planting by removing it from its nursery pot and gently massaging the roots to remove excess soil. Trim any unruly roots with a pair of sterile scissors if needed.
3) Decide where you would like the succulent to be planted. Create a little pit in the soil and place the succulent. Pro tip: Use a spoon to help you build this kit!
4) Carefully add more soil to cover the roots and help keep the succulent secure.
5) Add a layer of top dressing and decorate with moss, shells, or anything else you want to add - be creative!
6) Place in a sunny location and enjoy!

For more information on terrarium building, check out our blog article HOW TO BUILD A SUCCULENT TERRARIUM


Comes with an assorted succulent. Plants may or may not be in stages of flowering upon arrival.

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