Coffee Plant

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When you receive your Coffee Plant, you may find some coffee beans on top of the soil because yes, that's how coffee plants are grown! That being said, they cannot be grown with store bought coffee beans as those are treated/ roasted. Coffee Plants are grown indoors by plant enthusiasts and coffee-lovers alike for their beautiful, glossy leaves.

Coffee plantations can be found on a tropical, mid-elevation mountainside. For optimal health and growth, do your best to mimic its natural conditions: high humidity, bright but indirect sunlight, lots of water with good drainage. Yearly re-potting every spring to give the plant more space to grow as well as fresh nutrients. Only go up 1 - 2 inches max in pot sizes when re-potting. We highly recommend our nutrient-rich House Plant Soil for this plant!

Given all the right conditions, after a couple years your Coffee Plant can flower and produce berries which subsequently turn into coffee beans!

Small: 3" pot
Large: 4" pot

* Plant will come in standard plastic nursery pot

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