Guzmania Bromeliad

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Guzmania is a genus of Bromeliad, which pineapples and air plants are also members of. Guzmania, like many other Bromeliads, has a central “tank” or water reserve that it stores water in. In rain forests where Guzmanias grow in the wild, you may even find critters and small animals like frogs living in them! The Guzmania produces a vibrant, star-shaped flower when in bloom making it quite the statement plant. (Flower colour may be pink, red, orange, red-orange, or yellow!) Bromeliad Guzmania loves high humidity - we recommend our Mister Spray Bottle for this plant!

Fill tank up to 25% fullness (center of plant where all leaves connect). Replace the still water completely every month.

*Comes in a standard plastic nursery pot. Decorative planter not included.

Plant Care:


Full sun to partial shade


Keep water reserve 25% full


Zone 10a (-1.1°C)

Mature Size

24″ (61 cm)

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