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Assorted Pothos

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Everyone's favourite fuss-free, low-light tolerant plant! Perfect for beginner growers or those who want to add a little greenery to a shady corner. Pothos is a staple in every collection because of its ability to survive in just about any environment. It's remained a fan favourite for so long that it inherited multiple nicknames over the decades: Devil's Ivy, Ceylon Creeper, Hunter's Robe, Ivy Arum, Money Plant, Silver Vine, Solomon Islands Ivy, Taro Vine, the list goes on!

Fun Fact

Pothos are part of a large global family native to China, the Indian Subcontinent, Australia, New Guinea, Southeast Asia, and various islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.


Small: 3-4"
Medium 5-6"
Large: 8-10"


Plants vary in size and colour. Every plant is unique and therefore may not be exactly as shown. Some plants may or may not be in stages of flowering upon arrival.

You will receive one assorted Pothos plant.  Some varieties of Pothos in our rotation include: Golden Pothos, Marble Queen Pothos, Satin Pothos, Pothos "Pearls and Jade", Neon Pothos, Satin Pothos, and more!

Plants come in standard plastic nursery pots. Decorative pots are for display purposes only.

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    14 Day Happiness Guarantee

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    Free Shipping Over $100

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    Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

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