Living Rocks (Lithops)

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Yes they're alive! Native to Eastern Africa, these are ones for experienced succulent growers or for anyone up for a good challenge. They require an abundance of direct sunlight to keep them compact and they have a very bizarre watering schedule. Shortly after blooming at the end of summer, they begin a dormancy period. Even though the plant looks shriveled like it's thirsty, now is not the time to water these plants. In the coming weeks, they will start to split to reveal a brand new plant from within! During this time, the new plant lives off the energy stored in the old plants leaves. Around late spring when the old leaves have completely shriveled up and fallen off is when you can commence watering season!


Small comes with 1- 2 rocks in a 1.5 - 2 inch standard plastic nursery pot

Large can have 3 to 6 rocks in a 2 - 3  inch standard plastic nursery pot


Plant Care:  


Full sun




Zone 10a (-1.1°C)

Mature Size

1 in (3 cm)



** Succulents vary in size and colour and therefore may not be exactly as shown.

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