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The Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium Kit is one of the easiest terrariums to care for. Prized for their low maintenance and simple beauty, Marimo moss balls are naturally rolled into their famous ball shape by the rolling action of the waves surrounding them. In home terrariums, Marimo owners are encouraged to roll their marimo moss balls frequently to help maintain the round moss shape. 

Our Marimo moss balls are sustainably harvested and cleaned using a proprietary sanitation process to remove any unwanted parasites before being sent to customers to build their terrariums. 

Marimo moss grows extremely slowly and will be 5-10 years old by the time you receive them. Marimo balls may be cut in half and and will continue to grow as to separate plants.

Marimo Moss ball DIY Terrarium Kit - Small:

Marimo Moss ball DIY Terrarium Kit - Large:


  • Fishbowl Glass Terrarium 
  • Terrarium Gravel
  • Assorted Sea shells
  • 1 Marimo Moss Ball - Jumbo

    Terrarium Sizes:

    Small Terrarium: 3.7" h x 6" d

    Large Terrarium: 6.5" h x 8" d

    How to Care for Marimo Moss Ball :

    Marimo moss balls are extremely easy to care for. They can even live in tap water. Provide the best environment for your Marimo by following these steps:


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