Marimo Moss Balls

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A misnomer, Marimo Moss Balls are in fact not moss at all but a rare form of algae. A Japanese word that translates to "seaweed ball". A solid algae that grows slowly outward in a radial fashion at about 5 mm per year. In their natural environment they have been found between 8-12 inches. With a lifespan of 100+ years they make a great living family heirloom to pass down to the kids!

Medium: 2-4cm

Jumbo: 5-7cm

 There is a wonderful romantic lore surrounding these beautiful plant as well!  Legend has it, long ago on the Japanese Island of Hokkaido, two lovers wanted nothing more than to be together. The daughter of the Ainu tribal chief Senato and a commoner named Manibe. Their love was forbidden and so they fled to the forest to live and love as they please. It is said that their spirits lived on and began the formation of Marimo Moss Balls in Lake Akan, and have since been a symbolic gift to those who want to spend the rest of their days together.


Great for fish tanks! These miraculous plants will add a bunch of benefits to any fish tank like absorbing nitrates and toxins undesirable for fish, add oxygen to the water, prevent excessive algae growth and provide a good amount of beneficial bacteria. All with very low maintenance! A perfect accompaniment for your aquarium.