Happy Haworthia Bundle - 6 pack

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Our 'Happy Haworthia Bundle' is composed of the finest Haworthia varieties you can find.

Haworthia are some of the easiest succulents to care for due to their ability to survive in low or indirect lighting conditions. Water infrequently and provide a well-draining soil (we recommend our Succulent Soil for these plants!) Visit our blog post on HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR HAWORTHIA for more info!

Each bundle is hand-picked so you can be sure that you'll be getting the best and most unique collection possible.

• Each bundle includes 6 plants
• Each plant comes in a standard plastic nursery pot
• Pot size 2.5"-3.5"
• The variety received is based on the availability of our beautiful selection at the time of order fulfillment

* Please note that due to the popularity of our bundles, we reserve the majority of our stock in order to fulfill them. Individual product stock numbers online do not reflect what is available for bundle fulfillment!

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