Welcome to our step-by-step guide for our Mounted Staghorn Fern DIY Kit! This plant display is great for plant lovers who: have indirect sunlight, are out of shelf space, are looking for a statement piece, or all of the above :)

In this article you will find all the information you'll need to build your own Mounted Staghorn kit, as well as how to maintain and care for it.

Materials Included

1 Cedar wood plank (8 x 8)
1 Staghorn Fern
1 bunch of Forest Moss
1 roll of floral wire
6 metal screw eyes
1 foot of metal hanging wire

Recommended tools: Scissors, hammer and nail or screw and screwdriver, and wall anchor.

Why we chose these materials:

Eastern White Cedar
Our white cedar is sustainably sourced from right here in Ontario! Cedar naturally resists water, rot, decay and insects. It is highly durable, weather-resistant and therefore insures your mount will stay as beautiful as day 1.

Staghorn Fern 
Staghorns are tropical ephiphytes (growing on side of tree trunks or rocks in the wild). Mounting them not only creates a beautiful display, but helps to imitate their natural habitat.

Forest moss
Since ferns prefer to stay on the damp side, forest moss helps to increase the soil's capacity to hold moisture from watering.

Floral wire
Super easy to use and blends well with the forest moss to help create a clean finished look.

Screw eyes
These hooked-screws, combined with the softness of the cedar wood, allow for you to complete your DIY project - no tools required!


Step 1

Lay out all of the materials provided and prep your Staghorn Fern. Gently remove your fern from its plastic nursery pot. Make sure to hold the plant by the base or by the root ball, trying your best to avoid grabbing the plant by its delicate fronds. Gently loosen the lower roots so that it can sit flat on the cedar plank.

Step 2

Once you've decided where you would like the plant to placed, apply 4 screw eyes in the shape of a square slightly smaller than the base of the roots. Unravel the floral wire and loop it through one of the screw eyes and affix it by simply twisting the wire on tightly.

Step 3

Place the Staghorn Fern on top of the cedar plank. Apply forest moss around the root ball, remembering to be mindful of the area close to the plants fronds. Gently pack the forest moss with the palms of your hands to the root ball.

Step 4a

Take the floral wire that is attached to the first screw eye and carefully take it over the root ball and across to the screw eye that is diagonal from it. Thread through and pull firmly.

Step 4b

Loop the floral wire through the adjacent screw eye and repeat step 4a with the final screw eye. The wire should now form an "X" over the root ball which will hold the plant safely and securely.

Step 5

Use the remaining excess wire to wrap the rest of the root ball into the desired shape. Adjust the forest moss if needed to fill any open areas of soil. Tie the wire and discreetly tuck the end into the forest moss.

Step 6

On the backside of plank, decide where you would like the hanger to go. Attach the last two screw eyes and thread the metal hanging wire through each. Twist to tie off.

That's it! You've completed your beautiful new mounted Staghorn Fern and it is now ready to be placed in the desired spot in your home.

How To Care For Your Staghorn Fern

Staghorn ferns love bright, indirect sun light. It is important to place yours in an area out of direct sunlight to protect them from getting sunburnt. Staghorn Ferns also love high humidity, which is why we recommend getting a mister spray bottle to spritz the fronds daily. When it comes to watering your fern, you'll want to bring it down from where it's hanging over to a bucket, sink, or shower/bathtub. To water, pour water on the top of the root ball until the entire mount is damp. Alternatively you can also dunk the whole mount into water. Leave to hang for several hours in a place that gets good air circulation to dry before placing the mount back to the wall.

Following these care instructions will help your Staghorn Fern thrive. Over time, its Sterile Fronds will grow long and lush - these are the fronds that create the "antler" look. If you start to see drying/ browning on these leaves, increase the humidity. The Basal Fronds (by the base of the fern) will grow on in layers and will eventually cover the forest moss ball. Over time the basal fronds will turn brown. It is important that you DO NOT remove them once brown - the purpose of these fronds is to protect the plants root system. This is a very natural process so remember to be mindful of that as your plant grows!

We hope you enjoy your beautiful Mounted Staghorn Fern. We would love to see your creations and how you've decorated your homes with them so be sure to share and tag us in your Instagram photos!

Happy Planting!