How to Care for Your Sedum

How to Care for Your Sedum


Sedum is a diverse genus of succulent, with two main types of Sedums: creeping Sedums that grow along the ground, and tall Sedums which could grow up to 3 feet tall in some species. However, both kinds of Sedum are beautiful: many creeping Sedums are known for their colourful leaves, while the stems of tall Sedums blossom with beautiful flowers in the fall, making them truly stand out from the rest. You can learn more about general succulent care in “How to Care for Your Succulent”. The good news is that tall Sedums and creeping Sedums both have similar care requirements, which you can read more about below.


Sedums love direct sunlight, and will grow best in these conditions. You can put them in an east- or west- facing window where they can receive direct sunlight for at least a few hours every day. You can also place your Sedum by a south-facing window. However, certain creeping Sedums will also tolerate bright, but indirect sunlight.

Soil and Potting

You can plant both your tall Sedums and creeping Sedums in a standard succulent soil mix. When planting Sedums of both types, you should a pot with a hole at the bottom so water can drain from it.


An easy thing about learning how to care for Sedums is that Sedums are watered very similarly to other succulents, which you can read more about in “How to Water Your Succulent”. Water your Sedum once a week at the most in spring and summer (its growing season) and once a month at the most in fall and winter (its dormant season).

Water your Sedum thoroughly until water begins pouring out the hole at the bottom. Only water your Sedum when the top inch of the soil is dry.


You do not need to fertilize Sedums. If you wish, you can use a slow-release fertilizer at the beginning of spring, but any more will cause your Sedum to wilt.


These are the basics for learning how to care for Sedums, both tall Sedums and creeping Sedums. Whichever type you choose, both are guaranteed to be a beautiful additions to your succulent collection.