How to Care for Your Haworthia

How to Care for Your Haworthia


Like their cousins Echeveria, Haworthias are lovely little succulents known for the rose-like growth of their leaves. Their leaves also grow little white bands, making them stand out from the rest of your collection. We’ve already covered the basics of succulent care in “How to Take Care of Your Succulent”. In this article, we’ll be learning about how to take care of Haworthias.


Haworthias prefer bright, but indirect light. You can put your Haworthia in an east- or west-facing window where it can receive a few hours of indirect sunlight a day.

When moving your Haworthia, it is best to place it in the new location for a few hours every day at the most for a week to get it accustomed to the new lighting before moving your Haworthia there permanently. If not, your Haworthia may get burned from the new lighting.

Soil and Potting

It’s best to pot your Haworthia in quick-draining soil, so the water doesn’t soak its roots and rot. A good potting combination is 50% soil and 50% pumice, or 50% loam and 50% sand.

When potting your Haworthia, it’s also best to use a pot with a small hole on the bottom so it can drain. (But don’t forget to place a small sauce at the bottom so it doesn’t flood the windowsill!)


When learning how to take care of Haworthias, you should also learn how to properly water your Haworthia. You can already check out the basics of succulent watering in “How to Water Your Succulent.” You should water your Haworthia only enough to wet the roots and make the water come out from the bottom hole (if there is one), and only when the soil is dry. 

During a Haworthia’s growing season (spring and summer), you should water your Haworthia about once a week, while during the dormant season (fall and winter), you should only water your Haworthia about once a month. Take care not to over-water your Haworthia: it’s better to under-water a Haworthia than it is to over-water it.


You don’t need to fertilize your Haworthia. If you want to fertilize your Haworthia, give it cactus fertilizer diluted between 2-4 times once a month.


Haworthias are a delight among succulents. Now that you’ve learned how to care for Haworthia, you are now ready to begin caring for them for real. Follow these instructions carefully for a beautiful, blooming Haworthia collection!