How to Care for Air Plants

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 How do I take care of my air plant?— You (Probably)

Air plants are renowned throughout the world for being cool, low maintenance house plants. As a new air plant connoisseur, you might be wondering how to care for them. Luckily, learning how to care for air plants is simple if you follow these easy steps.  


1. Water Your Air Plants 

Contrary to popular belief, Air Plants DO need water! To water your air plants, submerge them for 1 hour in a bowl of water every week. Make sure to shake them off to prevent root rot. If you have the opportunity, bottled water or rainwater are excellent sources as they don't contain chemicals like tap water. If you choose to use tap, try and let it sit overnight to allow time for the chlorine to evaporate

Another option is to mist your air plants. This type of watering involves misting or spraying the air plant and it's surroundings to provide a humid environment for it to soak up moisture. Try to mist every 3 days. 

If you forget to water your air plants don't worry! If they look a bit dry you can try an overnight soak and watch as it bounces back in no-time! 


Terrarium Tip: If you like to keep your air plant in a terrarium like we do, make sure you shake it off after watering. This will help it to dry it out quicker. An air plant with low air circulation and water in its center will succumb quickly to root rot. 



2. Provide Bright, Indirect Light

The best lighting for air plants is bright, but indirect. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves and potentially kill the plant. 


Natural Lighting

By far the best lighting option, a good spot for your plants is in a sunlit room but in a position where it won't be directly in the sun's rays (think about how air plants in rain-forests get most of their light reflected off other plants). 

Artificial Lighting

If you don't have access to sunlight or it's winter, consider using artificial light for your air plants. The best source of artificial light for air plants are fluorescent, full-spectrum bulbs. 

Air plants are super forgiving and if you don't think it's doing so well, try bringing it closer to the light source to help it perk up. 



3. Fertilize Your Air Plant Using A Bromeliad Fertilizer

Fertilize your air plants once a month using a bromeliad or air plant fertilizing solution. The best way to fertilize your air plant is to dilute it in a spray bottle. Fertilizing your air plant will not only keep your air plant healthy, it will encourage Blooming!



4. Provide Air Circulation

Provide circulation for your air plant by making sure to never seal it completely in a jar or other enclosure.  



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Over time, the individual leaves your air plant may die off, and new ones will grow in their place. Feel free to trim off any brown, dead leaves of your air plant if you should find them. Your air plant may grow new sprouts, or “pups” after being cared for for some time. You may either leave them or remove them and put them in your own container after they reach 1/3 of the mother plant’s size.



Bottom line

You now have all the steps you need to start taking care of your air plants. Although there are over 650 varieties, each with their own special needs, the steps outlined above will provide a solid foundation for the beginning air plant connoisseur looking to care for their air plants. If you're still looking for that special air plant, our store offers 100s of varieties of succulents, air plants & terrariums to choose from!