Top 5 Easy Blooming House Plants

Top 5 Easy Blooming House Plants

What if we told you that growing flowering plants isn’t just for outdoor gardening – that they can be grown all year-round indoors too? In this article, we want to share with you our top 5 easy-blooming houseplants.

Peace Lily - Think for a second – have you ever seen a Peace Lily that wasn’t in bloom? That is because they bloom profusely, and just like their close relative the Flamingo Flower Anthurium, each delicate white flower can last from 1-3 months long! They are also great air purifiers – so great that NASA put The Peace Lily on its list of “Top Ten Household Air Cleaning Plants.” The Peace Lily plant is super adaptable and can grow in low lighting conditions. The perfect low-maintenance plant that blooms all year-round.

Cacti - Though they look tough and prickly at first glance, cacti produce some of the most delicate and beautiful flowers you will ever see. Typically blooming in the spring and summer, cactus flowers are diverse and come in all shapes, sizes and colours! There are even certain species that bloom at night! To help promote flowering, give them a cool, dry and dormant winter resting season. Once spring comes around, when temperatures rise and its watering schedule goes back to normal, they will burst into flower. These desert plants will do best in a South-facing window.

Spider Plant - The Spider Plant is a classic house plant made popular in the Victorian-era.  This plant gets its name because of its growth habit - each mother plant will send out multiple offshoots or "spiderettes" that hang down from the mother plant, making the plant look like a web. Once the spider plant reaches a certain stage of maturity, it will grow and offset faster than you can find friends to share it with! Also at this stage, the spider plant will flower non-stop so long as it is given lots of bright, indirect light. Most people don’t even know that Spider Plants produce flowers, so they are usually a pleasant surprise. Their flowers are green to white in colour and grow at the end of long, delicate stalks. Bonus: The Spider plant is pet safe!

Hoya - Also known as the Wax Plant, Hoyas are  vining succulent-like plants that have gained worldwide popularity due to their unique and exotic flowers. When in bloom, hoya typically produce big clusters of flowers that are so cute, they hardly look real! The flowers are typically star-shaped and grow at the end of a short stalk or “peduncle”. After the plant flowers, make sure to not cut the peduncle off as more flowers can grow from it. Each time the hoya plants bloom from the same peduncle, the number of flowers produced from each peduncle increases. When happy, a hoya plant can bloom more than once a year. Fun fact: Hoyas belong to the Milkweed family. Growing hoyas outside in summer and their blooms will attract pollinators such as butterflies! These are great house plants for a home that receives bright, indirect sunlight.

Echeveria - As if these rosette succulents weren’t cute enough! There are approximately 150 known species and over 1000 known cultivars in existence. Their ability to be easily hybridized means that there are new cultivars being created constantly. Regardless of cultivar, Echeveria bloom easily in the spring, summer, and some species even bloom in the fall time. Each species produces flowers unique to itself and range in colours from soft pink, hot pink, soft orange, peach, coral, yellow, to red. These beauties grow best in a space with lots of direct sunlight (West or South-facing window is ideal!) and can be grown outdoors in full sun in the summertime.

We believe that nothing brightens your day and your mood more than waking up and seeing flowers. And there is nothing quite as rewarding as having house plants flower in your care. After all, if they are happy, you are happy. We hope that you were able to discover an easy-blooming plant suitable for your space today. Happy growing!

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