10 Perfect House Plants for Your Bathroom

10 Perfect House Plants for Your Bathroom

Every room deserves a plant - even the bathroom! It is the one room that people always ask us what kinds of house plants would do well in. In general, bathrooms are a place where humidity fluctuates so the plants you choose should be able to tolerate periods of damp and/or humid conditions. Although most bathrooms are dimly lit, some folks are lucky enough to receive bright light, so we divided this article into low light and bright light sections.

Low Light Plants
These five house plants are perfect for a bathroom that receives bright but indirect light. For example, if your bathroom has a north or east-facing window, or a partially obstructed west or south-facing window. A quick reminder that “low light” does not equal no light! It just means that there is a lack of bright and direct sunlight. All plants require sunlight to survive, these ones are just able to tolerate lower lighting conditions.

The most adaptable and versatile plant, the Pothos is one of the most well-known house plants, popular due to its easy-going nature and ability to thrive in all sorts of environments, including ones with low lighting. The perfect plant if you would like to add a vining plant in a hanging pot or displayed on a shelf allowing the plant to cascade.

Ferns are perfect for adding some lush greenery to your space. Coveted for their classy, lacey fronds, they are a great way to add some beautiful green texture to your home. Ferns love indirect or dappled sunlight and would greatly appreciate all the humidity a bathroom has to offer! Bonus: Ferns are safe for pets.

Peace Lily
The Peace Lily is a very adaptable plant that can flower all year ‘round. Great for adding calm and serenity to any space, including a shady bathroom!

Snake Plant
Snake plants are one of the most popular house plants due to their low-maintenance care needs and ability to adapt to just about any environment. These plants come in a variety of cultivars and can handle low light. Snake Plants also thrive on neglect – perfect if you’re looking for a plant that you won’t need to think about or water often. Snake plants grow vertically so they are great for tight spaces.

ZZ Plant
Just like the Snake Plant, the ZZ Plant is a hardy, adaptable, low-light and drought tolerant plant that thrives on neglect. It grows stunning jewel-like leaves that form on long arching branches, making it a better option for those with a bigger space to fill. 

Bright Light Plants
In addition to the above plants, these five house plants are perfect for a bathroom that receives lots of bright light. Either a west or south facing window or even a skylight.

Monstera Deliciosa is one of the most popular house plants due to its exotic appearance. If you get lots of bright light and you want to turn your bathroom into a tropical oasis this is the one for you! As the Monstera Deliciosa matures, its leaves produce splits and holes (called fenestrations). The older it grows, the more fenestrations it produces! Read more about fenestrations on house plants here.

Parlour Palm
The Parlour palm is a pet-safe species that is loved by plant growers due to its delicate fronds and soft, wistful appearance. Bring on the refreshing at-home spa vibes with this major air purifier!

Spider Plant
The Spider plant is a pet-friendly classic that grows quite fast – producing tons of offshoots or “spiderettes” that cascade around the mother plant. They love bright and humid environments and make for the perfect lush backdrop for a well-lit bathroom.

These stunning plants are perfect for those who love patterned foliage. Dieffenbachia has been highly coveted by growers and collectors for its cheery tropical appearance, adaptability, and easy-care requirements. They are a perfect way to add colour and texture to a bright bathroom!

Ivy is a popular ornamental plant thanks to its fast-growing nature and ability to trail and climb like no other plant! It is a great addition to a bright and sunny bathroom if you are looking for a plant to cascade from a hanging basket or down the side of a shelf.

The bathroom is where most people freshen up before starting their day and where they unwind before bed. If you are looking to plantify your bathroom, whether your bathroom gets bright or indirect sunlight, there is surely a house plant suitable for your space. We hope you are ready to take #selfcaresunday to a whole new level! Happy growing ~

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