Top 5 Benefits of Houseplants for You and Your Home

Top 5 Benefits of Houseplants for You and Your Home

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Top 5 Benefits of Houseplants for You and Your Home

Houseplants, succulents and air plants are becoming more and more popular with each passing day, especially with young people. Now it seems impossible to go on Instagram and other popular social media pages without seeing a trendy plant parent’s #urbanjungle, whether it be long trailing ivy covering an apartment shelf, or a living room corner embellished with potted plants, making the whole display look like a miniature forest. You may be wondering if you should start growing plants yourself. 

Indoor gardening is a wonderful hobby that is both rewarding and worthwhile in the long run, but the benefits of houseplants go further than that. It makes your home come alive with greenery, improves your health, and gives you a sense of accomplishment and reward after you see the little succulent you bought at the store blossom and grow!

5. They’re Good for your Body

Aloe vera

Houseplants, like all of us, have needs to be fulfilled, but when you start fulfilling them, houseplants will help fulfill yours too. Scientists have discovered many benefits of houseplants, even NASA! Many houseplants have been demonstrated to improve air quality, remove toxins and humidify the air around them. Plants take in CO2 from the air, lowering levels of the gas in your house and let out the oxygen you need to breathe. Many plants, like English Ivy and the Snake Plant, also remove potentially deadly toxins like Benzene, Trichloroethylene, and Formaldehyde. Some houseplants, such as Aloe vera, are even known for their medicinal properties, meaning you can grow your own beautiful looking natural medicine cabinet in your living room.

4. They’re Good for your Mind

Succulent in container

Nothing is more beautiful than watching your houseplants grow and flourish, and your mind will benefit from watching them, too. Gardening has been demonstrated to producing an overall calming mood, reduce the symptoms of ADHD and stress. Stress has been shown to cause anxiety and depression, so by taking care of plants you will also reduce the risk of developing mental disorders too.

However, the mental benefits of houseplants go beyond just stress reduction. Having plants in your work environment have also been shown to improve memory by 20% and concentration and productivity by up to 70%. By having a potted plant at your workplace or desk, you can boost your productive power and remove stress from your daily life.

3. They’re Easy to Care For

House plants

Unless you live in the world of the dystopian science fiction novel Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham, your plant will not move around and cause trouble, like a pet or a child might. (Not to say plants are better than children or pets!) It’ll just stay where you potted in and grow. Likewise, taking care of your plant is simple: most plants only need to be watered about once a week, and generally require plant food once a month at the most.

The very easiest plants you can own, succulents and air plants need even less: a succulent can go as long as a month without being watered, while the most an air plant needs is a few sprinkles of misted water a week, while neither of them require fertilizer.

2. They’re beautiful

Jade Plant closeup

Just because plants are easy to care for doesn’t mean there’s a low payoff. As we mentioned above, there’s nothing more beautiful than a home decorated with trailing ivy on the shelf, potted plants by the furniture, air plants hanging in terraria from the ceiling and a collection of succulents and cacti by the windowsill. Indoor plants add an element of nature into the home, making it look lush and alive. You can also embark on your own DIY projects to house your plants, rewarding the hard work into making your own displays with a unique and beautiful way to show off your favourite plants.

1. You’ve nourished and cared for something

House plant terraria on shelf

Finally, many plant owners today express how much they love taking care of plants, watching them grow and flourish under their care, and even propagating their own plants when it begins to produce offshoots. One of the best things about caring for houseplants is the feeling of having nourished and cared for a living thing and helping it grow.

Houseplants are beautiful, unique and easy to care for, and growing one is an easy way to get this feeling of accomplishment while appreciating the beauty and splendor of the plant kingdom in your own While the benefits of houseplants are many, from aesthetic value to improving your well-being, nothing quite pays off as well as the sense of reward and the feeling that you’ve helped a living thing prosper.

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