Repotting Your Succulent

Repotting Your Succulent

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Repotting Your Succulent


Repotting succulents isn’t that hard of an aspect of succulent care to master, but it’s something every succulent owner should know. Generally, it’s best to repot your succulent every 2 years, when your succulent outgrows it pot and soil and it can no longer support the plant. The good news is if you know how to repot your succulent properly, it can be done almost without thinking about it!

When should you repot your succulent?

There are various reasons to repot succulents. Here are just some possibilities:

  1. The root system is too big. Over time, your succulents’ roots may become too big for the pot, meaning it will peak through the soil and impede watering.
  2. The plant is too big for the pot. This is self-explanatory: sometimes, your succulent will just become too big for the container you put it in!
  3. Soil exhaustion. By two years, the nutrients in your succulents’ soil will become exhausted, something even fertiliser can’t fix.
  4. The container and/or soil is inappropriate for water or nutrients. See How to Care for Your Succulent and How to Water Your Succulent for more details.

How to Repot Your Succulent

Repotting succulents isn’t hard if you know what to do. Here are the steps:

  1. Fill the pot you wish to place your succulent with the right substrate. It’s best to use a pot at least 1 cm larger than your plant. Remember that the best substrate to repot it in allows their roots to be soaked quickly, but easily drainable afterwards with holes on the bottom.
  2. Carefully take the plant out of its pot, taking care not to disturb the plant’s integrity. However, if you wish to repot a prickly cactus, you may want to slowly turn the old pot on its side ease the plant out to prevent injury.
  3. Knock away any lingering soil that may be trapped in the plant’s root system, but be careful not to break any of the roots while doing so! Finally, prune away any dead roots you may see.
  4. Create a small hole in the substrate of the new pot, and carefully place your succulent into it, filling it in once your done. Carefully fill in the what’s left of the hole.
  5. Enjoy your succulent’s new home, or let it enjoy its new home!

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