How to DIY an Indoor Succulent Garden - Our Guide

How to DIY an Indoor Succulent Garden - Our Guide

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When the days grow longer and it seems like the snow is never going to leave, it’s easy to get sick of all the white colour and dream about spring. Fortunately, you don't have to wait! Thanks to succulents, you can bring spring indoors to you. Other than being easy to care for and beautiful to look at, succulents can bring more life to any home. Want succulents to populate your home and make it look spring-worth all year round? Here is a guide to help you build a beautiful indoor succulent garden!



Before you start, you will need a few things:

  1. A wide-mouth bowl. With a big bowl, you can add multiple succulents!
  2. A special type of dirt. Cactus potting mix is what you're looking for. If you cannot get your hands on some, you can make your own by combining soil and sand together.
  3. Water and light. Just like any other plant, succulents need water and light to survive.
  4. Gravel. This will create drainage to help keep the sensitive roots dry.
  5. Succulents. To keep everything simple and visually appealing, limit yourself to three colours. You can buy these at local home improvement retailers or even some markets!





Grab your bowl and place around two inches of gravel at the bottom. As previously mentioned, the gravel will create drainage for extra water to exit. Roots left soaking wet is a no-no for succulents.



Add enough of the unique soil mixture to fill the bowl. This soil will not retain much moisture, which is perfect for your succulents.



Now is the fun part: planting! Start with your most giant succulent and place it in the center or wherever you like. You can remove your succulents from the old pot by flipping the bowl over and pulling the pot out. Place the succulent in the bowl right afterwards and cover its roots with the mixture. Remember to use gloves as some succulents may prick your fingers.



Place your other plants in strategic locations fanning out from the main succulent. Make sure you have a plan on how the entire project should look like. Populate the edges with draping succulents or small, colourful ones, with medium-sized ones to populate the middle. Keep them close together for that lush look. In the end, this part is up to you! Get your creative juices running. Make sure to cover the roots with soil when you want to secure them to a spot.



Check around for any more places in need of more dirt. You want to make sure that all the roots are covered entirely.



Now, it is time to water your little green babies. Take the bowl outside and carefully sprinkle the soil with water to start off. Because the roots are very effective at pulling in moisture, you don't want to overwater the plants. Try to avoid wetting the succulents themselves, as that could lead to bugs and even plant diseases.

After you’ve watered your new succulent garden, you’re all done! With just six steps, you have made yourself a spectacular succulent garden indoors! Now, are you ready to make more? Decorate your house with a bunch of succulents, and we assure you that your friends will be impressed.

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