How to Care for Your Senecio

How to Care for Your Senecio

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How to Care for Your Senecio


There are over 100 succulent species in the genus Senecio, each of them making wonderful additions to your succulent collection. Many of these Senecios are grown in hanging baskets, making them an ideal succulent to own if you would like something different from your regular potted plant. We've already covered basic succulent care in "How to Care for Your Succulent". You may want to look at the tips below to learn about how to care for senecios.


WARNING: Many Senecios, although beautiful, are poisonous to animals and humans. Keep away from your pets and children!


Senecios are high-light succulents. You should place your Senecio in a location with direct sunlight or buy an artificial light for them. If you choose to grow your Senecio in direct sunlight, place them by a west-, south- or east facing window.

Soil and Potting

One easy thing about learning how to care for Senecios is that they are very typical of other succulents in their potting needs. You simply pot your Senecio with standard succulent soil mix in a pot with a hole at the bottom so water can drain from it.


Another easy thing about learning how to care for Senecios is that Senecios are watered much like your average succulent, which you can read more about in “How to Water Your Succulent”. Water your Senecio once a week at the most in spring and summer (its growing season) and once a month at the most in fall and winter (its dormant season).

You should water your Senecio thoroughly until water begins pouring out the drainage hole at the bottom if you have one. Only water your Senecio when the top inch of the soil is dry. Watering your Senecio too much will cause it to rot and die.


Like most succulents, Senecios do not need much fertilizer to survive: in fact, you don’t need to give your Senecio fertilizer at all. If you choose to give your Senecio fertilizer, use a slow-release fertilizer once at the beginning of spring.


You now know the basics of growing Senecios, a beautiful and diverse genus that can be cared for with just a few easy steps. Learn more on how to make your succulent bloom for a meadow of hanging Senecios!

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