How to Care for Your Crassula

How to Care for Your Crassula

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How to Care for Your Crassula


Crassula plants are a very diverse-looking genus of plants. The most well-known is the Jade Plant (Crassula ovata), but many other plants that look quite different from the Jade Plant are also part of it. “How to Care for Your Succulent” already covers the basics of succulent maintenance, check below to learn about how to care for your Crassula.


You should place your Crassula in bright, but indirect sunlight. You can also place your Crassula in a south-facing window. However, in the brightest summer afternoons, you should keep your Crassulas in the shade, otherwise, it might get sunburnt.

Soil and Potting

You should pot your Crassula in 20% sand, 80% succulent soil so water can drain from it quickly. 

You should also pot the Crassula plant in a pot with a small hole at the bottom so water can drain, and put a saucer under the pot to collect the water.


This is a straightforward, but important part of learning how to care for your Crassula. You should water your Crassula enough to soak the roots and water to come out of the bottom of the pot (if there is a hole), but no more. Crassulas should only be watered when the soil is completely dry. 

In its growing season (spring and summer), you should water your Crassula once a week at the most. When it goes into dormancy (fall and winter), you should water them once a month at the most. Remember: it’s better to under-water a succulent then over-watering them and making the roots rot!


You don’t need to fertilize your Crassula, but if you want to, you should use a slow-release fertilizer at the beginning of spring, or use 20-20-20 fertilizer diluted to ¼ strength weekly for mature plants, or a fertilizer with less nitrogen for younger plants.


Crassulas are a beautiful, diverse genus of plants, one that will look spectacular with the basic care outlined in this article. You can even make them bloom with enough love and attention!

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