DIY Succulent & Moss Pumpkin

DIY Succulent & Moss Pumpkin

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 Fall How To: Create your own DIY Succulent & Moss Pumpkin

Get into some crafty fall vibes with this step-by-step guide where you will learn how to create your own cute succulent filled pumpkin! These are perfect for centrepieces, your front porch, or anywhere you might want to add some plant-loving touch to your fall decor.

In this article, you will find all the information you'll need to create your own DIY succulent and moss pumpkin, as well as what to do with all your plant babies once winter sets in.

A photo of all the materials needed to build a DIY succulent and moss pumpkin

Materials Required:
1 Pumpkin
1-6 Succulents
1 Bunch of Spanish Moss
1 Bag of Succulent Soil
1 Carving Knife
1 Spoon

Selecting your pumpkin:

This DIY project can be customized to suit the size and location of where you'd like to put your pumpkin once it's complete. For this project, we used mini pumpkins in a variety of colours and succulents varying in size. You can use large pumpkins with large succulents (like the ones found in our Everything Bundle, or smaller pumpkins with smaller succulents. You may even want to make multiple pumpkins with one or two succulents in each - the choices are endless but will all result in the same cute succulent display!

Step 1: Carve your pumpkin

Using your carving knife, cut a ring around the top stem of your pumpkin. Scoop out the inside seeds and set them aside until the pumpkin is relatively dry inside (around 10 minutes).

a photo of a person unpotting succulents
Step 2: Prepare your succulents

While your pumpkin is drying, pour your succulent soil into a bowl. Remove your succulents from their plastic nursery pots and gently loosen the soil around their root ball ensuring you keep their roots intact.

*Note: You may want to keep the plastic nursery pots for re-potting your succulents at the end of Fall.

 a photo of a person planting a succulent into the pumpkin
Step 3a: Fill your pumpkin

Using your spoon, fill the pumpkin with soil about 3/4 to the top. Next, begin with one succulent and plant the roots into the soil, covering the roots with more soil if necessary.

a photo of a person adding more succulents into the pumpkin

Step 3b: Fill your pumpkin

Continue adding more succulents and soil to fill in any gaps in the top of the pumpkin, or until you're happy with the way it looks.

a photo of a person adding spanish moss to the pumpkin

Step 4: Finish your pumpkin

For your final step, grab your Spanish Moss and tuck it under the leaves of the succulents. You may want to push it into the opening of the pumpkin slightly to ensure a snug fit (especially if you will be displaying your pumpkin outside!) Fluff the Spanish Moss to your liking.

How to maintain your succulent and moss pumpkin

This fun Fall DIY is not a permanent home for your plant babies. While in the arrangement, you can mist the Spanish Moss around the succulents to keep it nice and fresh. There is no need to water the soil inside.

What to do with your pumpkin at the end of Fall

Just because fall is over, doesn't mean you need to compost those plant babies with your pumpkin! While your arrangement should last around a month, we recommend removing the plants and discarding the pumpkin in your green bin. To do this, gently remove your succulents from the soil inside the pumpkin and give the roots a nice clean with fresh water. This will ensure the roots remain healthy without any mold or insects if they were left outside. If you saved your plastic nursery pots during Step 2, you can reuse them (or another pot of choice) to repot your succulents into their happy Winter home. We recommend using fresh soil to repot your succulents to prevent any mold or insects as well.

Your Spanish Moss can be hung or used in another arrangement. Spanish Moss likes to be misted every few days to remain bright and fresh.

*Note: Most Succulents do best when temperatures are above 4°C. If the forecast dips below this, we recommend bringing your arrangement inside.

And there you have it - your Succulent and Moss Pumpkin is now complete! We hope you enjoy it! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram - we love to see your beautiful creations!

a photo of a completed DIY succulent and moss pumpkin arrangement

a photo of 3 completed DIY succulent and moss pumpkin arrangements





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