DIY: Build a “Succie Pot in a Pot” Succulent Arrangement

DIY: Build a “Succie Pot in a Pot” Succulent Arrangement

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One of our favourite social media trends is the “succie pot in a pot” challenge, where plant growers build a mini succulent arrangement within a succulent arrangement. These beautiful displays are the perfect piece for your coffee table and are a great way to use your succulent propagations, recycling plastic nursery pots, or upcycling broken pots! In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how you can build your very own DIY #succiepotinapot (make sure you check the hashtag on Instagram for inspiration)!

a photo containing all the materials required for building a #succiepotinapot succulent arrangement

- A shallow pot or tray
- A smaller pot that fits within the shallow pot or tray
- A selection of succulents (small is better)
- Pumice, lava rocks, or hydroton leca balls for drainage
- Well-draining succulent soil
- Top dressing
- Materials such as decorative rocks, sand, preserved moss, gemstones, pebbles, twigs, or any knick-knacks you have laying around to add your own personalized flair to your arrangement!

Step One: Preparation
Choose the desired pots for your arrangement. The outer pot works best if it is shallow. Bonus if it has a drainage hole. Unpot and remove excess soil from the succulents you are planning to use. In this step-by-step demonstration, we are upcycling an old, broken terracotta pot!

Step Two: Add Substrates
Whether or not your outer pot or tray has a drainage hole, it is good practice to line any succulent arrangement with a porous material to help with drainage. We are using Pumice but you can use any lava rocks, stones, leca, etc.


Step Three: Add the Inner Pot
Gentle nestle the inner pot into desired position.

Step Four: Add Succulents
Create your succulent arrangement however you like and soil as you go. Tip: a chopstick is a great tool to help you add plants or soil to hard-to-reach crevices.


Step Five: Add Flare
Fish the arrangement by covering the soil with whatever top dressing you like. This helps to cover up the busy look of the soil and really ties the entire arrangement together in a neat and professional way.


Step 6: Maintenance
Now that your lovely “succie pot in a pot” arrangement is complete, it’s important that it is cared for properly so that you can enjoy it longer. Keep the arrangement in a bright and sunny spot (succulents love direct sunlight) and water very sparingly, especially if the outer pot or tray does not have a drainage hole. Pro tip: A great tool for watering succulent arrangements such as this is by using a condiment bottle! Yes, like the red and yellow ketchup and mustard bottles. They are cheap, easy to find, and the small nozzle is perfect for precise watering. The arrangement can be redone whenever the succulents have outgrown the display.

This arrangement was created by recycling a plastic nursery pot!

Make it fun by using cute animal pots. PS: these make great gifts 😉


Whether you’re making one for yourself or as a gift, these “succie pot in a pot” arrangements are not only super easy but they’re also fun to make. We hope you enjoy this project and be sure to tag us in your creations on Instagram! Happy planting 💚

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