5 Top Low-Light House Plants

5 Top Low-Light House Plants

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Do you have a shady corner, north-facing windowsill, or a wall distant from direct sunlight in your home that needs a plant? Or maybe you’re unsure of what plant will do well in lower lighting conditions? Below are 5 house plants that we recommend that will grow well in indirect sunlight. Because every corner in your home deserves a plant!

A potted snake plant

Snake Plant

Snake Plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are one of the best house plants for beginners! Known for its tolerance to drought, capable of going for weeks without water, and tolerance to low lighting conditions, the Snake Plant truly thrives on neglect. As an added bonus, the Snake Plant even purifies the air around it, removing toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene from its surroundings.

ZZ Plant

Another all-star plant, the ZZ Plant, aka Madagascar Jewel plant is a super easy-going. Its ultra low maintenance care needs give it the ability to grow in all sorts of conditions. The ZZ plant also thrives on neglect and has been coveted for decades for its attractive glossy foliage.

A picture of a potted pothos plant next to a woven chair


Everyone's favourite fuss-free, low-light tolerant plant. Perfect for beginner growers or those who want to add a little greenery to a shady corner. Pothos is a staple in every collection because of its ability to survive in just about any environment. It's remained a fan favourite for so long that its inherited multiple nicknames over the decades: Devil's Ivy, Ceylon Creeper, Hunter's Robe, Ivy Arum, Money Plant, Silver Vine, Solomon Islands Ivy, Taro Vine, the list goes on!

A mounted staghorn fern resting on a wooden ladder next to a glass spray bottle

Staghorn Fern DIY Kit

A great statement plant piece if you are looking for something special or if you’ve run out of shelf space. Staghorn Ferns love high humidity. One of the great benefits of the Mounted Staghorn Fern DIY Kit is that it does not require direct sunlight. While mounted on the wall it requires indirect sunlight to thrive. For best results, we suggest placing the plant in one of the brighter rooms in your home with indirect light. Bonus: Staghorn Ferns are non-toxic to pets!

a photo of a cast iron house plant

Cast Iron

A hardy perennial loved by plant collectors due to its easy-going care requirements which allow it to grow in a wide range of conditions. It is also highly coveted for its dark and attractive arching leaves, popularly used by florists in floral arrangements. It is one of the only large growing tropical plants that tolerates low light and is also pet-friendly!

a ZZ plant near a shaded window

A quick and friendly reminder that all house plants will require sunlight in order to photosynthesize to survive. Though some can survive for a little while without sunlight, they will not thrive and will eventually die. The plants mentioned above are a great starting point for your shady corners but you should still avoid putting them completely out of reach of any sunlight.

Happy planting! 🌿

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